Being Mumbaikar – Life 2 years in Mumbai


The Best Place...The Best Symbol Of Mumbai

Being Mumbaikar – Life 2 years in Mumbai

2 whole years completed in Mumbai..doesn’t seem like a big accomplishment, but for me it’s a big one… not my fault for being born and bought up in the susegaad place..i meant Goa…4th august I get a call from my director..he says..”pack ur bags lad..ur gonna come to Mumbai and work under my nose”..nothing particular abt him..big fat ass full of crap..but then I liked the idea of coming to Mumbai and meeting my frens tat have been working here and the whole idea of meeting them after a year was interesting I said OK..

The day I reached Mumbai i.e. 5th august .. well I must say I don’t think I’l be ever be able to forget it.. damn lost in vashi searching for my head office..well not my fault I thought the head office would have been bigger in was a bit disappointed seeing a smaller office..but then wat the hell it’s my I was hoping to have fun… and fun indeed I had… new cubicle…old files..and constant threatening from the director ughhh…I hated myself for coming here.. Colleagues wer nice. .but couldn’t bond with them much as there was a contant change in the employees..they came they worked for a month and left.. few of us wer stubborn enuf to work constantly there..needless to say I was one of them.. becoz I knew..i was gonna go places.. speaking of employees no one really clicked..except for one hot Bengali chick… I used to call her monjolika…constantly fighting and arguing..and well the lunch she brought from home was really amazing..Especially the sandwich…mmmm… can still feel the taste..

Neways..i decided to travel from office to home in train.. well..i was shit-scared but then..i had to one day..enter vashi station..hmm ok.. not bad.. nice.. took tickets.. reached thane from wer I had to change station..thane station was totally opposite of vashi..

There was madness mayhem and disastrous crowd everywhere running here and there.. there was nothing like crowd management..trains came spat out its load … and swallowed more fresh load in.. it was sickening..i felt nauseating standing there and watching the whole process.. I waited out till I thot I got my less crowded train.. reached home dropped dead on my bed..and missed my office next day…somehow I grit my teeth and started travelling in train on regular basis and got used to it in few months….  I remember one incident ..i had come to goa for a week’s vacation..i had got down at Madgaon station and I was literally walking fast on the platform after I had pushed 3rd person and wen I was that I was getting angry stares from people I told myself “dude..u r in goa…slow down… enjoy every step..SUSEGAAD… don’t have to rush everywhere like in mumbai..”

So finally I got my sweet ride to Mumbai my BIKE my first asset…. And on the very first day I jumped 5 signals….safely… well not my fault there is not a single traffic signal in Goa….later on I understood the concept of signals..neways…traveling was way much easier and fun on my bike…whizzing past the standstill traffic… well rest is working hard on weekdays …partying harder on weekends..frens are real gem here…they never made me miss my family…my roommates..wer my brothers… becoz galti se roomies ko roommates bol diya toh they get pissed off saying “we r brothers…not roomies”..

They showed me around night life had completely changed..and best of all…new gals to meet and u know hangout… first year in Mumbai was soooo much fun.. had fun at work thanks to the o-sum colleagues …had fun at home thanks to the BROTHERS….had fun at parties thanks to BROTHER’s friends…

My first company took me to places… experienced flight for the first time … went to delhi…freezed my ass to death doing work there… stupid estimates…working with Colonels and Majors over the defence project…smuggling lappys and phones inside the base while other consultants had to leave them outside at the gate.. it was fun…wen the uncles from the other consultancy at the base saw us youngsters using our phone and all…they came asking how we did it and all…all we did was just wink at them..

I remember one particular day in my life….tat was heights of travelling …

15th april I drank my 4 am coffee in mumbai airport…had my breakfast in delhi…lunch in Baroda (Gujrat) …evening snacks in Mumbai…and finally my dinner in my home… I loved that day.. I had never loved travelling so much…my wishes for travelling the country wer finally coming true…well not as tourists but as professional..but whatever..i did not complain… and I liked it.. travelling all the time.. a week in delhi a week in Baroda..a week in Mumbai…a week in goa.. well life was going on its full swing.. directors wer happy …got 4 promotions in 5 months.. everyone acknowledged me ….no. of frens were increasing…amongst all this I had a small fear..wen will the bad things start… well wen everything is going on gud…there is something bad to happen..sure it did…

My 2nd year in Mumbai…tis I’l call as my struggling year in Mumbai …my company had some shortcomings in its capital…the money was running out.. most of the employees wer not paid their salary.. heck I was not paid my 2 months’ salary and my travelling reimbursement was yet to be approved…all in all it was around 45k..and living in mumbai without salary is a terrible thing…my savings wer running low…I had no choice but to lie to the director about a urgent self medical emergency.. got all my money.. took a month’s leave.. after a month I wrote a resignation mail..the director calls me up and I did not respond to his call after few days I call him up and explain my situation..he doesn’t say ne thing and hangs up.. so on 10thJuly 2010 I closed my chapter of life in my first company..

After that my life was like a downhill ride…bumpy ride..scratched the soul out of my body…unemployed for 2 months..staying at home drove me crazy…took up some freelancing projects…some wer gud and clicked but most of the wer couldn’t carry on..was waiting for interview one was hiring..and I was loosing hope everyday..then 1 dayi get a interview call …it was a builder company … I went for the interview…got the job… and I had to break my rule “never work with builders..always be on commercial projects”…I was so desperate that I had to take up the job any ways… the pay was ok..lesser than the previous company but then I get to sit in office instead of sitting whole day at home..

Had to see a lot of bad days in my 2nd year of Mumbai…fought with one of my brothers…to till this day I regret that one day in my life,…the day wen I lost my brother because of my stupidity add on to it…my relation was goin haphazard …I had no control over my life…I wanted it so desperately to improve but no matter how much I tried it kept goin down…I was getting frustrated… loosing my frens my brothers… my life had become all work and no party… I had almost survived a nervous breakdown.. my new company was sucking blood out of me… I was loosing weight …hair fall had started.. cried so many nights… but all this time I always had a hope…one day…sab fine ho jaayega..

I worked 72 hours straight…the only reason being I did not like goin back to my new home.. new roommates…yes no more brothers..all I had was roomies.. my colleague dragged my ass back to my home and told me to stay at house for 2 days… somehow I survived it.. to this day m thankful to him for being strict wit me…

Well life straightened out a bit after that..i started getting private projects… some went for a loss… which I m still working on..but I could feel things steadying up..but my struggle still continues… got in touch wit old frens… well one particular fren… brother.. always trippin..well most of the time..bindaas..lookin at her i found the bindaas me…and i cant forget to mention Daboo saala …..neways started going to places again… started making new frens…still hating my roomies… and latest of all attented my best and only buddy monjolika’s wedding.. which cheered me up a bit.. and recharged me.

Well cant say life has straightned out..but definitely I found a new me fighting the problems….and my struggle continues.. as my 2nd year gets completed in Mumbai..and I’l keep struggling till I straighten my life out..not gonna give up…and on 5th August 2012 m definitely  gonna celebrate my third year in Mumbai with a BIG BOOM.

CHEERS..  :)

My life…my ways..Take it or Leave it….. really doesn’t matter me much..

1)      Inspirations… BULLSHIT… exactly…I don’t believe in inspirations… especially when people say that they are inspired by someone who got inspired by some great personality. Come on be ur own inspiration do what you have to do and not becoz u got inspired by someone… if the world would have started on inspirations then there wouldn’t have been any progress as of the first person to do something wouldn’t have been inspired. Take leads…don be a follower all the time.

2)      Getting lost (in life and in any place on earth)..its fun to get lost sometimes …it makes u think of all the possibilities and the chances that u have …it makes u explore ur options..and ur brain works at full throttle at optimum efficiency.

3)      Journey to the end … learn new things and new ways at new places.

4)      Never expect things from others…really….all u have to is expect from yourself…its simpler and also less heart breaking..

5)      Best help is at the end of ur own arms.

6)      There is never enough time to do all the nothing u want- Watterson

7)      Sword and shield…for every move/ decision u make in ur life..keep a sword and a shield for it..use the right thing at the right time. And maybe if ur really lucky u can get of this even by firing blanks.

8)      Mourning at your current bad times over the past beautiful and joyous things that you have had in your life is just a waste of time…don forget them…cherish them.. use them for your inspirations…work hard to make more likewise fun moments in your life…

9)      Forgive …but never forget… its gud to forgive.. it will make u feel light … but u should always remember why you had forgiven tat person.. it will help u in ur future relations wit that person…may be it’s a cancerian trait.. but tats me..

10)   Appreciation .. very few in this world really appreciates ur work… parents r the first ones to appreciate ur work..  so other than your parents people who really appreciate your work are gem of a people even if they are not close to u.. they will be always there to help u

11)   Hard work…it does really pay off.. but u have to be smart to show it…I worked like a donkey for 2 years..then I came to know abt this… being smart is also a better and efficient way of hardwork..

12)   I see a friend in everyone… no matter how bad tat person is… thing is that even a worst friend is a friend.. and I really like all my frens…especially the closest few buddies who really are bastards..but u just can’t live witout these bastards…its these bastards who make ur life wonderful sometimes.. (and miserable at other times….. “Slurrrpp slurrrppp”)


13)   Crying out loud is not bad… and it works the best when you are all alone with yourself. When u really want to let yourself out.. Just for you.. but prolonging the crying thing over the same thing is like trying to light a used match stick.

14)   Be a sensible kid at your heart… it will always cheer u up at one point or another.. never lose the child in you. It’s the best non-materialistic asset that you have.

15)   And yes… for once do something really stupid.. its fun.. and ihave already done the stupidest thing in my life..(tats for another time)

(one of the crazy things tat i have done….)






16)   And yes of course.. WORK HARD…PARTY HARDER.

17)   Nothing in the world is more than your family..not even God.

18)   God is there..He is silent… and He is best when He is silent.  : ) … Don’t disturb him unnecessarily. And do thank Him once in a while.

well thats all i have here about me and my ways…